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Welcome to VehicleFind SA

VehicleFind SA is dedicated to serving the industry with sound advice and the most cost efficient products for your needs. We have a large client and dealer base throughout Southern Africa and we have one goal in mind .....Customer Satisfaction....

Our goal is to connect dealers, clients and other role players and link them to a central database of information which will benefit everyone in the industry. We can supply new and used trucks of all brands and configurations. Sound, practical advice is given to ensure optimal economy and value for money with each purchase done from us.

We are here to serve you, the customer, and ensure that you get what is needed for your specific application. After all, we are all committed to making the industry efficient and creating an environment where prosperity is our pride. Don't hesitate to add your vehicle you need to sell or a specific vehicle you may need.
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To list your vehicle please login to your account, if you do not have an account please click on register and follow the instructions. Registration is completely free and takes about 2 minutes. Should you like to participate in our agent program and earn commission you are welcome to make contact for more information.